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Birdwatching in the regional natural Park

A destination of choice for birdwatching

Ideally located between the sea, the river and the land, the park is a great area of interest for birds. Wet meadows, rivers and streams, expanses of water, marshes, mudflats, reed beds, cliffs, and forests are all environments that host a very diverse range of species. The wetlands and water bodies are home to the largest number of species. A lot a sites are advantageous to watch birds.

Bird-watching holidays: Encounters with the Birds of the Seine Valley

LPO Normandy (League for the Protection of Birds), and the travel agency Escursia offer a tour of the landscapes, natural environments and the many species they are home to.

Over three days, discover the local biodiversity and the marsh birds of Heurteauville, reed beds , the limestone hillsides and alluvial terraces of Amfreville-sous-les-Monts (located outside the regional park, between Rouen and Giverny).

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ESCURSIA – voyager curieux
☎ +33 (0)2 53 35 40 29

Les sorties ornithologiques accompagnées

Les structures proposant des sorties nature et ornithologiques sur le Parc :

Sorties ornithologiques sur demande.

Maison de l'estuaire   
Sorties nature et ornithologiques.

LPO Normandie  
Sorties nature et ornithologiques.

Cen Normandie  
Sorties nature.

Départements de la Seine-Martitime et de l’Eure    

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