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Birdwatching in the regional natural Park

A destination of choice for birdwatching

A destination of choice for birdwatching

Ideally located between the sea, the river and the land, the park is a great area of interest for birds. Wet meadows, rivers and streams, expanses of water, marshes, mudflats, reed beds, cliffs, and forests are all environments that host a very diverse range of species. The wetlands and water bodies are home to the largest number of species. A lot a sites are advantageous to watch birds.
The brochure “Wetland Birds” focuses on these heritage species.
The main observation sites are detailled in the brochure « Where to watch birds ».
You can also download the “Which birds when” list.

Birdwatching and wildlife tourism in France

The French regional parks offer exotic birding with a low carbon footprint. By exotic we mean Lammergeier, Wallcreeper, Black woodpecker, Pin-tailed sandgrouse, Hoopoe, Roller, Bee-eater, Golden oriole, Greater flamingo, and many more…
Come by train and discover exotic #lowcarbonbirding opportunities in the French regional parks…
For more information : https://www.birdingfrance.info/

Interactive map where to watch birds

On a computer, smartphone or tablet, consult this interactive map to help you find the ideal pathway for bird watching in our Park.

- PC/Mac : interactive map
- Smartphone :  interactive map

Bird-watching holidays: Encounters with the Birds of the Seine Valley

LPO Normandy (League for the Protection of Birds), and the travel agency Escursia offer a tour of the landscapes, natural environments and the many species they are home to.

Over three days, discover the local biodiversity and the marsh birds of Heurteauville, reed beds, the limestone hillsides and alluvial terraces of Amfreville-sous-les-Monts (located outside the regional park, between Rouen and Giverny).

For more informations :
ESCURSIA –curious traveller
☎ +33 (0)2 53 35 40 29

Bird-watching and nature outings

Local organisations which propose bird-watching and nature outings on the regional natural Park territory :

Bird-watching and nature outings

Maison de l'estuaire   
Bird-watching and nature outings

LPO Normandie  
Nature outings

Cen Normandie  
Nature outings

Départements de la Seine-Martitime et de l’Eure    

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